Continuous evolution
and experimentation of new technologies.

Know How

The continuous evolution in the use of plastic materials and the experimentation of new technologies and processes are essential for FORTE®, always leaning on innovation both as regards to the functional performances and the aesthetic qualities of a product. Thanks to this continuous research it was possible to introduce new characteristics in plastic. FORTE® plastic, in addition to be practical and functional, is sensual and precious and radically transforms what has been obtained from the product into this material, from being merely functional object to real luxury good. The know how of FORTE® consists always in pushing innovation to the extreme in research in the field of extruded PVC, without ever overlooking the experimentation of cutting-edge new materials for the implementation of their products, like crystal and aluminium, and the innovation in productive processes.

Innovation is the engine of growth. Our future depends on the ability to introduce more quickly than our competitors the most meaningful innovations.

For FORTE® it represents an investment constantly increasing but especially in close connection with our general strategy of business.

Our highly specialized collaborators work to technological innovations in sectors as the software development, the robotics or the motor management, the material composition and the use of same innovative materials.

Thus, new ideas constantly take form by making the existent products even more efficient, comfortable, sure and ecological, but also able to open completely new horizons for our company.

The introduction of SAP as system of Entreprise Resource Planning allowed to integrate and to optimize many marketing, sales, production and distribution functionalities. The automated nature of SAP allowed to rationalise processes, translating itself in an increase of efficiency levels in the whole company.

The software became the primary backbone of the whole business infrastructure, setting the bases for a continuous technological evolution.

The immediate access to processes, activity and business performances allows FORTE® to keep up with the competition and it contributes to make the experience of their costumers unique and entirely satisfactory.

The dominant philosophy in the company is now based on slender, rapid, bottlenecksless and continuous interruptions of processes.